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After participating in the recent Massage Mastery Summit, Cal started to wonder: What makes a supportive, kind community? How is it that the people at the Summit could be so good to one another, while some massage therapy groups on social media are suffering from divisive comments and straight-up meanness? This week, Cal and Cathy welcome Kerry Jordan to talk about building a better community, in the profession and in the world at large.

About our guest:
As Healwell’s Operations Director, Kerry coordinates strategy, communications and logistics for Healwell’s education and service programs. She leads Healwell’s development and fundraising activities and interfaces with the finance teams at Healwell’s partner facilities.

In addition to her duties as Operations Director, Kerry provides massage therapy and teaches in hospitals and clinical settings throughout the Washington, DC metro area and around the world for adult and pediatric palliative care patients and other patients with complex needs and high symptom burden.