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How do we become responsible teachers and learners? What does it take to show up in a way that welcomes all humans? In this episode, Cathy and Cal talk with Damian John about what it takes to truly lean into being kind, awake, and compassionate in our practice and in our lives.

About Our Guest:
Damian John is an acrylic/graphic painter, poet and podcaster with a focus on how to create beauty in the world. He has spent the last five years exploring art as a delivery system for beauty and cultural reflection, and it is a place of deep inspiration and solace for him. He is self-taught and inspired by nature, movement, and all his various cultural inputs. He is a member of the Tl’azt’en First Nation and his art reflects the deep influence of his First Nations culture in his life. He proudly represents his people in his art, always trying to bring to the table the quality of hard work and high level craftsmanship. His art reflects his mind in all its wildness and emotion, and tries to create a mirror in which the viewer can explore that same range of emotion. Jiu jitsu, growing food, creating good relationships, and exploring wild spaces fill his free time.

Instagram: @chasingthecaribouwoman
Facebook: Damian John or Damian Johns Art Endeavours