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Cathy and Cal invited Celia Bucci on the podcast to talk about creating a massage school curriculum from the ground up — but these three creative minds won’t be contained! This conversation explores and dives deep into questions of care for the public, client education, and “What is going on with our profession?”


About Our Guest:
Celia Bucci (she/her) has been a massage therapist since 2002, and a massage therapy educator since 2004. She is the author of Condition-Specific Massage Therapy, a text that helps therapists apply their basic skills to address the specific signs and symptoms of common muscuoloskeletal pain complaints. Celia has served on several boards and committees including the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education National Teachers Trainers Curriculum Development Committee, and as a Subject Matter Expert for the NCBTMB Board Certification Exam. These are the things Celia does to build brain power. The rest of the time she’s probably gardening, kayaking, walking, or dancing to House music to build soul power.


Link to Healwell’s article, “I Didn’t Know Massage Could DoThat: A qualitative analysis of the perception of hospitalized patients receiving massage therapy from specially trained massage therapists”: