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Pam Fitch is back! This time, it’s conversational. Cathy, Cal, and Pam tackle the tough question of what to do when your client is expressing uncomfortable opinions. How do you provide the best possible care when your client is on the other end of the political spectrum?

NOTE: If our guest sounds like she’s being recorded from a phone held up to the microphone, it’s because she is. We had connection challenges, but she powered through because this conversation is so important. We hope you will too.

About Our Guest:
For more than thirty years, Canadian massage therapy educator, writer, researcher and long-time practitioner, Pamela Fitch, has explored professional, ethical and communicative challenges faced by manual therapists. She remains particularly interested in how massage therapy affects clients who have experienced trauma, post-traumatic stress and complex pain conditions. A committed educator, she has been recognized with several awards for teaching.


A great class that continues the conversation from this podcast is Unconscious Bias: Interrupting the stories that prevent us from delivering optimal care. Check it out here:


Listen to “Episode 19: Tough Conversations” on Spreaker.