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This week, we’ve got Su from Kalamazoo! Cal and Cathy welcome Su Bibik to the podcast for a conversation that is as simple as 2+2 and as deep as the nature of Time itself. This conversation is uncensored, so more sensitive listeners should be prepared for some swears.

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A Pandemic of Solutions

About Our Guest, Su from Kalamazoo:

Su began her professional career as a math teacher in high school and college 48 years ago until she easily transitioned into massage therapy and applied her expertise in the classroom there. She has an uncanny ability to convey otherwise difficult information and concepts in a fun and meaningful fashion. Her passion for the profession is expressed through action as a massage educator and school owner since 1986, as a member on the Exam Development Committee for MBLEx since its inception, and as a founding member, past board member and current Leadership Development Committee member for the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. If she’s not doing any of that, you can find her with her grandsons, at Lake Michigan or Lake Superior reading on the beach, or scuba diving someplace warm.