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Massage therapy without borders logo and head shot of Ann Davey

Massage therapists have many thoughts and feelings about their organizations and organizational leaders. This week, Cal and Cathy reach into another time zone for a perspective from the other side of the world. Ann Davey, CEO of Massage and Myotherapy Australia, is on the podcast to talk about massage regulation, COVID concerns, and the practice of massage therapy in Australia. In this episode you will discover that although our toilet flushes swirl in opposite directions, but our hope and concerns are going the same way.


About Our Guest:
Ann Davey is the Chief Executive Officer of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (, a not-for-profit (NFP) organization which is the leading representative body for massage therapists, remedial massage therapists and myotherapists across Australia. Her focus is on delivering exceptional Strategic, Operational and Human Resources Leadership whilst reporting to the Board of Directors, along with finding new ways to engage with members including webcast shows The Wellness Program and Connect. All episodes are available on the Facebook page (, website, YouTube channel (, and LinkedIn page.

Ann has over 20 years of leadership experience across NFP, university and commercial organisations, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources and Administration Management. She thrives on challenges, problem solving and providing leadership and development strategies to employees and colleagues.

Ann lives in Melbourne with her husband, family of four children and Buddy their gorgeous Kelpie. She volunteers with some friends running a Repair Café, an initiative to reduce landfill where they teach members of the community to repair or repurpose items they would otherwise throw away.