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Message Therapy Without Borders

Welcome back Down Under! In this third part of their conversation with Tania Shaw, Cathy and Cal delve into all things education. What is MT training like in Australia? How does that compare with the US and Canada? We get a multi-continental perspective on the present and future of MT education.


About Tania Shaw:
Tania received her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2006, going on to qualify in Oncology Massage and Complex Lymphatic Therapy with internationally recognised providers of education when she recognized the need for appropriately trained massage therapists on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Tania provides education around self-care to empower and facilitate well-being; an important factor in the therapeutic treatment process. To this end, she has co-created the LymphDIY resources: Lymphatic Drainage books and DVDs for those who have had lymph nodes removed or radiated.

Tania has also served in many capacities with Oncology Massage Ltd., from 2008-2019. Most recently, she served as Executive Manager and Facilitator.

Whilst she focuses on those who are living with the physical effects from treatment for cancer, Tania also offers her massage skills and services to extended family and friends.