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open door blue wallThank you for your interest in Healwell and our musings about the experience of caring for patients in the hospital setting, running a non-profit, the state of healthcare and all of the intersecting pieces of illness, culture, economy and education that go into making Healwell happen.

Healwell’s Program Director, Lauren Cates is the primary author of Healwell’s blog, so much of what you’ll find here will be from the practitioner’s point of view, but you may be surprised to find that the practitioner’s point of view is a lot like the human’s point of view.  In our work with patients living with serious and life-limiting illness we are brought face-to-face with issues of real life and the places where systems of care meet the actual people who move within them as patients, as doctors, as nurses and as families.  Some posts will be like glimpses into our work at the bedside.  Others will take on bigger issues of healthcare and access or current trends in care.

Sometimes we’ll have guest bloggers or members of our board of directors or our advisory board will contribute here.

We hope you’ll enjoy what you find…and that you’ll keep coming back!