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“I forgot I had cancer.”

“The massage made my chemotherapy so much less stressful.”

“Massage was an integral part of the care we when our 4-month-old daughter was treated for a brain tumor.”

“Life changing.” “Eye and heart opening.” “…an excellent balance of the art and science.”

It’s been a big year for Healwell…thanks, in large part, to you.  Your support has created countless experiences like the ones above.  Your contribution made the real lives of real people better.

There is a lot of change in our world, but our need for touch never changes. When you share your time, your wisdom and your dollars with Healwell you tell us you believe in the value of humans touching humans.

In 2016, you and Healwell:

-trained more than 300 healthcare providers all over the US and in Australia

– enjoyed the vision and clarity afforded by working from a ratified budget and business plan for the first time in Healwell’s history (We’re really growing up!)

touched thousands of humans, including those in our two newest programs at the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates infusion center and at Goodwin House in Alexandria and Arlington

– welcomed three new board members from healthcare, government and non-profit sectors

paid three staff people a (small) monthly stipend for the first time ever (That’s how we got so much done!)

– partnered with Washington Hospital Center and The Samueli Institute to earn a 2017 $15,000 pilot grant

– grew our Facebook audience from less than 300 to over 1,000 followers

revamped the website to make class enrollment simpler, to maximize internet visibility and to offer a wider array of options for how people can support Healwell

If you have recently made your donation to Healwell, we thank you for your support.  If not, you can still make a big difference by giving today. Please consider setting up a monthly, sustaining contribution in any amount that feels personally meaningful.  Sustaining donations are essential to long-term planning.  It’s easy to set them up directly through the website or using the enclosed form.

Thank you again for helping us continue to demonstrate the power and value of touch.  It matters.


Lauren Cates

Executive Director