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Hospital-Based Courses

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy

Healwell offers practicing massage therapists continuing education courses in hospital-based practices.

Mindfulness and End of Life Care

Our Mindfulness and End of Life Care courses are designed to support practitioners who want to embrace an honest relationship with life that allows them to be more fully present not only with people who are dying, but also with all of the people in their life.

Mindfulness and End of Life Care

These courses are open to any person who wants to have more access to his/her own wisdom and to cultivate deeper, more authentic relationships professionally and personally.

Oncology Massage Therapy

These courses provide therapists with the essential skills and knowledge to be prepared to treat a variety of clients who are affected by cancer.

Our oncology massage courses cover the concepts and skills necessary for providing safe, effective massage to people who have been affected by cancer and cancer treatment.

Healwell Presents

Healwell invites presenters from all aspects of healthcare to share their experiences in the form of workshops, lectures and continuing education courses for massage therapists and other caregivers.

Lauren and Kerry facilitated a safe, creative, and unique retreat experience. It was designed perfectly to calm my mind and give me space to hear my intuition. The group activities helped me weed out some ``stuck spots`` and I now have a clearer understanding of how sneaky my ``inner fixer`` really is! This is invaluable for my work as a hospital-based massage therapist working with people who are critically ill.

~Liza Dion (Mayo Clinic Rochester Inpatient MT)

I recently took the oncology massage course and it was so much more than I thought it was going to be. It was not only so informative but also very thought provoking. I am forever changed as a human being. Each instructor was very different but together they were a synergistic trio who delivered a blend of knowledge and wisdom within their stories. I highly recommend taking this course or any others. My life is truly richer in so many ways because of it.

~Dawn Burnett, LMT