The Community

Healwell's online interdisciplinary community is designed for serious healthcare providers who know how to be real, curious, professional, kind, silly and collaborative.

We bring together compassionate, self-aware healthcare providers who are actively participating or are interested in participating in interdisciplinary care. We have honest, uncomfortable conversations about topics like access, racism, death, ageism, ableism, and equity that address the intersection of being a human being and providing quality care. We aim to expand our impact, confidently navigate new challenges, and together create lasting, sustainable changes in healthcare.

At Healwell, we are continually working to make inequities visible and to change them. One of the ways we do this is by inviting people who engage with our programs to thoughtfully consider what they can and want to invest in the current and future state of our world and community. 

When you make the decision to benefit from content created by Healwell, we invite you to consider it as an investment. When you choose which level you’d like to pay, let it be an exploration of how you want to participate in the future. What can you afford to pay today? Can you help ensure that others can have this same experience you’re about to have while continuing to be able to meet their basic financial commitments? Can you offer a little more and invest in our collective future? Or is today a day when your heart wants to do that, but your wallet can’t?

Every day is different and every person is different. Be thoughtful. We’ll all get there.

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