Let's Walk the Walk Before We Talk the Talk

Kerry Jordan | February 1, 2022

Healthcare professionals (and everyone) need to have more and better conversations about end of life choices and advanced care plans. All the time. These conversations don’t start out easily, but the more we have them, the easier they get. It’s essential that we have these conversations now… and that we keep having them for the rest of our lives. We have to make death and illness a part of our daily thought process and lives if we want to make (and empower our loved ones and providers to make) meaningful and congruent decisions at the end of our lives. 

And if you’re a provider, you have to explore these things yourself if you want to be a valuable partner to the people you serve in their own explorations.

Do you have living will? Have you named a healthcare proxy? A power of attorney? Do the people closest to you know (we mean really know) what makes your life worth living?

This month in the Healwell Community we'll be snuggling up with our own mortality... together! We'll explore resources, exchange stories, and get our collective ducks in a row so that when National Healthcare Decisions Day arrives on April 16th, we'll be ready to talk the talk, because we will have already walked the walk.