Research is a Capitalist Hellscape

Jul 24, 2021

Gene Dockery knows bad research when they see it, and in this episode, they are talking with Cal and Cathy about one of the most famous (and insidiously pervasive) bad research studies out there. It's the one that gave us the ideas about "latent homosexuality." In a deep, wide-ranging, and unflinching look at this study, and bad research in general, this episode challenges us to challenge our thinking.

About Interdisciplinary:

In this podcast, massage therapy educators, practitioners and positive deviants Cathy Ryan, RMT and Cal Cates, LMT will use research, science, experience and humor to explore the broad landscape of health care through a truly interdisciplinary lens. We will be joined by compassionate, self-aware humans who are actively participating or are interested in participating in interdisciplinary care to have honest, uncomfortable conversations about topics like access, racism, death, ageism, ableism, and equity that address the intersection of being a human being and providing quality care, so that we can expand our impact, confidently navigate new challenges, and together create lasting, sustainable changes in health care. You’ll always learn something. You’ll always laugh and you’ll come away better informed and with real things you can do in your own community and practice to create a more compassionate and collaborative system of care for all humans.

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