Real Self-Care

Corey Rivera | January 3, 2022

“I do not make resolutions. Winter is not the time to suddenly stop eating.”  ~Me on Facebook, every year since 2017

Culturally, we lose our collective minds on January the first. Suddenly we are ready to tackle everything that had us treading water only days before. We are energized, and determined to right those perceived wrongs!

Well… maybe we’re just energized to eat more green things and determined to lose a reasonable-sounding amount of weight.

Okay… maybe the diet industry, wellness industry, exercise industry, clothing industry and self-help empires have stuffed 75% of their advertising budgets into telling you how to fix what they’ve decided is wrong with you.

At Healwell we believe in goals instead of resolutions, regular dance breaks, and working to do the hard thing with good company.

This January in the Community we’ll explore some of the science behind meeting your goals, what real self-care looks like (it doesn’t require a lavender scented candle), and some resources to help you fight the rising tide of body negativity.

Join us!