S12E5: Floundering in the Darkness

Episode 5

Sep 2, 2023

We talk about USOLMT's national wage study, leadership, forging new paths and standing your ground.

Image for Floundering in the Darkness


We talk about USOLMT's national wage study, leadership, forging new paths and standing your ground. 

You can find them here at: https://usolmt.com/ 

Cal mentions this AMAZING BOOK THAT YOU SHOULD READ: “The Person You Mean Be” by Dolly Chugh https://www.dollychugh.com/book/the-person-you-mean-to-be

US Department of Education Gainful Employment Rule: https://tinyurl.com/24vdtmsy

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About Our Guests:

Stephanie Rodriguez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of USOLMT and Freelance Massage Therapy Business and Spa Consultant, with a specialty in hiring, compensation and benefits, and employee retention. She helps massage employers improve their career opportunities, helps potential and current massage employees to improve their career options, while also advocating for legislation that helps our industry grow and thrive.

Priscilla Fleming is the education director for USOLMT.