Our Team

Image of Cal Cates (they/them)

Cal Cates (they/them)

Executive Director

Cal is one of Healwell’s founders and its Executive Director.

Image of Kerry Jordan (she/her)

Kerry Jordan (she/her)

Operations Director

As Healwell’s Operations Director, Kerry coordinates strategy, communications and logistics for Healwell’s education and service programs.

Image of Rebecca Sturgeon (she/her)

Rebecca Sturgeon (she/her)

Education Director

In addition to being a valuable member of Healwell’s faculty and curriculum development team, Rebecca is also Healwell’s Education Director.

Image of Laura Bryant-Earner (she/her)

As Healwell’s Service Director, Laura coordinates, supervises, and provides care for Healwell’s hands-on programs and cultivates and strengthens relationships with medical and administrative staff.

Image of Sara Rennie (she/her)

Sara Rennie (she/her)

Service Coordinator

Sara Rennie is a practicing massage therapist and massage therapy educator in Virginia.

Image of Corey Rivera (she/her)

Corey Rivera (she/her)

Education Coordinator & Community Cruise Director

Corey wants to know everything all of the time, and is lucky enough to be Healwell’s Education Coordinator so she has an excuse to do it.

Image of Morgana Alexander (she/her)

Morgana Alexander has over a decade of experience as a massage therapist and is passionate about making the world a better place, one massage at a time.

Image of Steph Bean (she/they)

Steph Bean (she/they)

Massage Therapist

A graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute with 18 years of professional massage experience and an Associate’s Degree in Health Education, Steph has made a career of working with people to better understand and support their own health and healing.

Image of Ken Brown (he/him)

Ken Brown (he/him)

Massage Therapist

Ken Brown is a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and Level 3 Reiki Master with more than a decade of experience.

Image of Topaz Grosicki (she/her)

Topaz Grosicki (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Topaz Grosicki is a Licensed Massage Therapist of over two years specializing in Oncology and palliative care massage.

Image of Henrietta Kundert (she/her)

Henrietta retired from her 40-year career as a surgical Physician Assistant in 2018.

Image of Dawn Lamonica (she/her)

Dawn Lamonica (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Dawn has been practicing massage therapy for 20 years, from Miami to Boston, and is happy to have settled in the DMV.

Image of Amanda Long (she/her)

Amanda Long (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Amanda Long is a massage therapist and writer, two hands-on pursuits that require lots of listening and paying attention.

Image of Rebecca Mabry (they/them)

Rebecca Mabry (they/them)

Massage Therapist

Rebecca has been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years.

Image of Twila Melvin (she/her)

Twila Melvin (she/her)

Massage Therapist

"I feel like massage is where I’m supposed to be in the world."

Image of Julie O'Keefe (she/her)

Julie O'Keefe (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Julie is a graduate of the Northern School of Therapeutic Massage. In 2015 she became certified as a Complete Decongestive therapist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Image of Megan Powers (she/her)

Megan Powers (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Megan Powers is a graduate of Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2021. She is also a Reiki practitioner (Level 3) and has been a certified reflexologist for 20+ years.

Image of Cindy Rocca (she/her)

Cindy Rocca (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Cindy graduated from the Medical College of Virginia with a degree in Radiologic Technology and certificate in Radiation Therapy in 1979.

Image of Kitty Southworth (she/her)

Kitty's passion has always been to create a safe environment for people of all ages who are simply trying to navigate life with joy and dignity while coping with serious illness.

Image of Angela Vongsanith (she/her)

Angela graduated from the NOVA Massage Therapy program and has been an LMT for about a decade.

Image of Noi Yingviriya (she/her)

Noi Yingviriya (she/her)

Massage Therapist

Noi (Tipsukon) possess extensive training and experience with complicated patients, cancer patients, patients in hospital setting, and terminal patients.