Thank you for Listening

Ephi Gravette | February 15, 2023

Ephi Gravette in a black turtleneck with a gold chain

Every word and action make an impact. Every day that I interact with the clients within our various programs, I am filled with gratitude. Most of the time they just need someone to talk to; to share about the day they had, the family that they love, or just the everyday stresses of life. I offer input if asked, but I make sure to listen and be present. Sharing these moments with people and talking about whatever they want for a moment are always the highlights of my workday. In addition, actually scheduling their appointments is just as rewarding. I truly enjoy helping to create time in their schedule for relaxation. I am grateful for every phone call that ends with, “Thank you for listening.”

Ephi Gravette is Healwell's Service Coordinator. She handles scheduling (and listening) for the oncology massage therapy programs that Healwell offers in partnership with Life with Cancer.