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Who We Are

Healwell is an ever-growing team of passionate, committed and highly skilled practitioners, thinkers, researchers, business leaders and other humans who collaborate every day to improve the experience of illness.  Our massage therapists, directors and advisors bring a wide variety of perspectives and experience to keep Healwell on the cutting edge of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and integrative medicine.

Your hands are magic. I feel you taking what's wrong out of my body and sending it away.

~ Patient hospitalized for end stage lung cancer

I can't believe how massage takes away my pain. If I hit the lottery I would buy massage for everyone on this floor. I mean it. It works.

~48 year-old recent LVAD recipient

The night my daughter received massage therapy was the first night in months when she didn't cry herself to sleep.

~Mother of a pediatric oncology patient

In just this 20 minutes you have opened a window to such profound healing. Thank you.

~69 year-old patient with multiple myeloma, b-cell lymphoma, hospitialized with bilateral pneumonia

Our Mission

Healwell’s mission is to improve quality of life for people affected by acute, chronic, and serious illness through massage therapy, education, and research.

We touch humans to reduce their pain, ease their anxiety, and introduce comfort into the experience of illness.

Healwell™ is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.